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Generative AI: Weatherford + DataRobot A CxO’s Must-Know Guide to Unlock Business Value

Learn about key pitfalls to avoid, how to unify your generative and predictive AI lifecycles, and governance best practices with LLMOps. Walk away knowing what you need to do to put generative AI into production, and what governance and oversight you need to have in place to de-risk your AI innovations.

Speakers: Lisa Aguilar, VP Industry Field CTOs, and Product Solutions, DataRobot, and Larry Enger, Chief Architect, Weatherford

Operationalizing Verticalized AI: From Rhetoric to Reality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm. Though the idea has been around for seven decades at a minimum, recent advances- coupled with a massive communication effort- have put AI front and center. As it pertains to business, there is scarcely a company that doesn’t make some sort of AI claim; it is however important to separate the reality from the rhetoric.

Speaker: Romi Mahajan, CEO, Nuclear Fusion Company ExoFusion

Activating PINNTELLIGENCE at The Edge

The Economic Impact of Intelligent Infrastructure will be measured in the $billions, Save Lives, and create millions of new jobs. Intelligent Infrastructure (the foundation of ARPA-I) goes well beyond transportation and will be the "Brains of our Economy." 

Speakers: Bill Pugh, Co-Founder, Smart Connections Consulting LLC and Jeff DeCoux, Founder & Chairman, Autonomy Institute

What is Applied Intelligence Live! Austin

Running on Sept 20-21, 2023, Applied Intelligence Live! Austin is where smart tech meets human innovation!

Merging IoT World Conference & Expo and The AI Summit to create a show that unites transformative technologies from across the digital landscape, the event will bring together leading speakers with engaged audiences and solution providers with decision-makers for two days of premium content, meaningful connections, and significant deals.

And whilst we endeavour to make Tech TV a valuable experience, there’s no substitute for face-to-face and Applied Intelligence Live! Austin provides access to experience you can't get sitting at your desk!


What is Applied Intelligence Live! Austin

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IoT World Today provides insight, news, and analysis on the Internet of Things, featuring the latest stories, case studies, and real-life use cases across the ever-evolving world of IoT technologies.

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