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Everything is bigger in Texas and that includes this year’s Applied Intelligence Live!, previously The AI Summit & IoT World Austin, and the co-located Quantum Computing Summit. The relocation to Austin offers an incredible range of fantastic opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors to showcase your brands, connect with the technology community, and gain valuable insights into the IoT, AI, and quantum computing space—all in a brand-new home among the Silicon Hills.

This year, a stellar audience – ranging from technical leaders to top data scientists to policymakers – will gather downtown at the Austin Convention Center to experience an immersive exhibition of emerging tech, an exciting agenda of networking activities and hands-on workshops.

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A look back at Silicon Valley in 2021 convening IoT, AI and Quantum communities

Welcome to the Texas Heartland

Like many technology companies, we’ve decided to make the move from Silicon Valley and relocate to the Silicon Hills. Home to numerous emerging enterprises and technology giants, from Meta to IBM, Austin provides the perfect backdrop to this year’s event. 

With a spirit of growth and an ever-expanding technology infrastructure, Austin is the ideal place to bring the IoT, AI and Quantum Computing worlds together, creating an unparalleled event with more chances to connect, more experiential features, and more unique networking opportunities than ever before. When combined, IoT, AI and Quantum Computing lead to virtually limitless possibilities, and we’ll be bringing that same feeling to Applied Intelligence Live!, previously The AI Summit & IoT World Austin, and the co-located Quantum Computing Summit Austin.

That’s also what makes it the perfect spot for sponsors and exhibitors. An event on such an unprecedented scale means more openings to generate leads and truly connect with the IoT, AI, and quantum enterprise communities. 

We’re thrilled to meet you at the Texas state capitol for two days of incredible opportunities in an amazing technology hub.

Why Partner with Us in Austin?


There are more ways than ever before to raise your brand’s profile, generate new leads, network and truly connect with the IoT, AI and quantum computing enterprise, engineering and data science community.


Attend thought provoking panels that showcase the power of joining AI and IoT,  like Joining Forces: When Artificial Intelligence Meets the Internet of Things, Collaboration in the Age of Industrial IoT: Bridging the Relationship between IT/OT to Improve Operations, and Future of Emerging Tech: Optimizing Intelligent Connectivity and Speed with 5G, AI and IoT.


Bring your products and services to life with hands-on demos; take part in our live event coverage; create bespoke VR encounters; develop a challenge to unearth new solutions; or host a party for your clients.


Join us for our Expo Booth Bar Crawl, where you can uncover the solutions to your technology issues while enjoying a cold beer. Afterwards, meet and mingle at the AI and IoT World Austin afterparty.


With an audience comprised of 31% VP/Directors, 20% C-suite level leaders, and 22% managers—you know you’ll be getting your story and products in front of the audience that matters the most.


Enjoy immersive experiences like the Expo Tour, where you can do a deep-dive into the world of transformative tech.


Who can you expect to meet?

of visitors have purchasing influence

are highly influential visitors

are Director level and above

are investing over $1 million in new projects

And it doesn’t just stop with this event

We don’t just amplify voices once a year, we do it year-round. Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your brand the remaining 363 days of the year by partnering with us. We’ll help promote your brand and share your content and solutions with enterprise decision-makers, influencers, and project leaders from around the world. Partner with our experts to collaborate and create bespoke, content-driven campaigns that reach your desired audience, including:

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  • And more!
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  • IBM

    Stand: 319
  • Canada provides a top performing economy for businesses to innovate, grow, and succeed. The Government of Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) promotes and attracts global investment into Canada, ...
  • Google

    Stand: 329
    Drop by the TensorFlow booth to learn more about client side / edge machine learning and see Web ML in action for yourself. Learn to recognize any object in minutes, understand the human body through ...


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