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Patrick Marlow

Patrick Marlow

Patrick Marlow, Conversational AI Engineer, Google Cloud AI Incubator, Google
Patrick Marlow is an AI Engineer on Google's AI Incubator team where he’s solving the most technical challenges and moonshot ideas in Conversational AI. He specializes in Data Engineering for ML systems and is an expert at making square pegs fit into multi-dimensional round holes. Patrick has over a decade of experience in NLU/NLP and is an advocate for “automating all the things!”. He is the author of the Dialogflow CX Scripting API (SCRAPI), utilized by developers worldwide to supercharge their bot building and analysis process.
When he’s not building data pipelines or waiting for another training job to complete, you can find him rock climbing at Austin Bouldering Project, mountain biking on the Greenbelt, or spending time outdoors with his family.