Edward Wilford

Edward Wilford

Senior Principal Analyst, IoT Hardware, Omdia
United Kingdom

Edward Wilford mainly focuses on the semiconductors behind any device that can be considered IoT or embedded/connected and the other technologies that might be attached (AI/ML, security, etc.). He has extensive experience segmenting the industry and forecasting those segments by company, application, and technology.


Edward started in the industry in 2016 when he joined Arm as a market intelligence (MI) analyst, at the time doubling the number of analysts looking at market share and forecasting. He led MI analysis in the automotive and IoT pillar, joining shipment data provided by partners to market data, and preparing 10-year forecasts by application. He has a BA from Durham and an MPhil from Cambridge in linguistics with a focus on syntax, and he is currently taking a part-time MS in business analytics at the University of Bath.


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