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Dr. Pablo Rivas

Dr. Pablo Rivas

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Baylor University

Pablo Rivas is an assistant professor of computer science at Baylor University, where he teaches deep learning, data mining, natural language processing, and theory. His research areas include deep learning applications in computer vision, natural language processing, and the ethical implications, regulation, and policies associated with artificial intelligence technology. 

Dr. Rivas is the director of the NSF-funded Industry-University Collaborative Research Center (IUCRC) for Standards and Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (CSEAI). The CSEAI ( has received support from 30+ industry and government members and continues to receive interest due to the increasing need for policy compliance readiness. Dr. Rivas is an author of many works in machine learning, and as an expert in Responsible AI, he is part of international AI Ethics Standards drafting groups composed of academia, industry, and government.