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Chandler McCann

Chandler McCann

Field CTO, DataRobot

Chandler McCann is the Field CTO for the Medical and Manufacturing verticals as well as the Head of AI for Good at DataRobot. Chandler has a passion for driving positive change with AI, and has traveled to South America and West Africa to lecture and lead projects on AI for Good, including working with the government of Sierra Leone to improve access to water with AI and as a liaison for the US State Dept as a Water Data Expert in Liberia. Chandler has been featured on CNBC West Africa, Gartner and multiple podcasts and news outlets on AI for Good.  In his tenure at DataRobot, Chandler has helped customers from the Fortune 100 to Defense and Intelligence Agencies realize billions in ROI with applied AI. Prior to DataRobot, Chandler led the analytics practice for a defense consulting firm in Washington DC, leading projects on the ground in Kuwait, Afghanistan and the Pentagon. He holds an MS in Information and Data Science from the University of California, Berkeley.