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Ashu Suvarna

Ashu Suvarna

Innovation and Incubation Lead, Hitachi

Ashu Suvarna has over 22 years of diverse experience in large, global organizations as well as various startups, developing incubating new businesses and leading innovation, serving customers across Asia, Europe and the Americas. He currently leads the New Business Incubation and Innovation function at Hitachi America Ltd., with strategic focus on Green Digital Innovation, resolving environmental issues, achieving higher quality of life and a developing a sustainable society. In his role, Ashu supports the incubation of new solutions and business, leveraging Hitachi’s 30 R&D labs, supporting 97 companies and 78 manufacturing sites of Hitachi’s Green Energy & Mobility, Digital Systems & Services, Connective Industries and Automotive business sectors in Americas, through co-creation of IoT enabled Smart Manufacturing, AI/ML/Block-chain led solutions for electric vehicle ecosystems, supply chain and circular economy solutions. He has successfully evangelized innovative solutions at ESRI, SAP, HCL and TechM prior to joining Hitachi. Since 1910, Hitachi has been delivering environmental, economic and social value to help improve the quality of life for people and societies around the world through technological innovation.