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Seminar Program


Fireside Chat and Audience Q&A with Vince Young

November 03, 2022

The combination of data and technology is changing the world of sport, both on and off the field, in unprecedented ways. In football, this evolution is both visible and well-publicized - from driving rule changes for safer play, to building diet strategies and workout schedules. But is there a danger that data science is going too far? What role do players' instincts still have in the game? 

In this Fireside Chat, Vince Young will reflect on what the game used to be and how it has changed since the rise of tech. Be sure to come with questions, as there'll be an audience Q&A too. If you're a football fan (or even if you're not), this session is not to be missed!

Ashley Jennings, Managing Director - Texas Innovation Center, University of Texas
Vince Young, Former NFL Player & College Hall of Famer - University of Texas