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Seminar Program


Superpowers for Business Via Next Generation Web Apps Powered by Machine Learning

November 03, 2022

Join Jason Mayes, Web ML Lead at Google, who will cover the state of Machine Learning in the browser, in 2022. If your business has a website, check out this talk to get inspired by existing real-world business applications that are already benefiting from a Web ML deployment vs traditional methods by enabling privacy, cost savings, and faster performance than ever before. Jason will share a high level overview of the APIs and libraries that anyone can use to start building advanced web applications that by today's standards would have superpowers enabling you to stand out vs your competition. This talk is ideal for leaders who wish to bring their next startup or business idea to life, or for those looking to use AI to create a competitive differentiator in a scalable manner.

With the growing popularity of TensorFlow.js, which has seen 15x growth in developer usage since 2020, now is the time to take your first steps too. It may surprise you how far web tech has come! Did you know Node.js can run up to 2x faster than Python for end-to-end ML tasks? This demonstration-packed talk aims to educate, inspire, and enable you to rapidly prototype your next idea faster than ever. This talk is intended to be suitable for everyone, no matter what your background in AI or Web Technologies. Everybody is welcome!

Jason Mayes - Google