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Fireside Chat: Transportation and the Future of Cities

November 02, 2022

At the heart of what is being called “Silicon Orchard” in Metro Atlanta, the City of Peachtree Corners – and its Curiosity Lab technology incubator – is leading the way in creating that blueprint on an unprecedented level on what more complete smart city ecosystems can and will look like in the U.S. Its “city street of the future” includes a 3-mile AV lane, part of a public roadway with more than 9,000 regular vehicles passing through each day. Here, various IoT technologies installed across city-owned smart infrastructure – such as Commsignia’s C-V2X units, Bosch video-as-a-sensor cameras with edge computing, Beep’s autonomous and electric shuttles, Ouster LiDAR and many more are deployed – complemented by unique access to T-Mobile’s 5G network. The country’s first-ever “IoT Control Room” aggregates data from the vast array of sensors and devices into a single pane of glass for the city to quickly react to. Learn how Peachtree Corners is serving as a microcosm for how more developed smart cities will operate in the future, the details of how the deployed IoT technologies and 5G are acting as the backbone for this smart city and the future of these IoT technologies evolving to thrive in a more connected world.  

Brandon Branham, Chief Technology Officer and Assistant City Manager, Curiosity Lab - Peachtree Corners
Chuck Martin, Editorial Director, AI & IoT - Informa Tech