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Improving the Quality of Life in City of Phoenix by Leveraging Connectivity and IoT Technologies

November 03, 2022
Next Generation Connectivity: 5G & Wireless

The City has implemented numerous initiatives.  Some of the ones are:

  • Tackling the Heat Island Effect in Phoenix: City collaborated with Arizona State University to work on cool pavement technology. Data from thermal ground sensors and other IoT components measure and analyze pavement heat, which is used by City planners to mitigate the “heat island” effect.
  • Using UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems aka drones). Phoenix Fire Department is using DOD approved drones to respond to mountain rescues, bushfires and other critical rescue missions. The drones come with infrared cameras that identify hot spots, brush fires and locate stranded hikers quick and rescue them in a very short span of time. This enhances the safety and security of Phoenicians while reducing risks to first responders.
  • Bridging the digital divide: The pandemic brought into sharp contrast the digital divide which exists in most of our large cities. City of Phoenix provided public WiFi at numerous public facilities and distributed over 10,000 laptops to students. Efforts continue to expand the coverage and provide additional training to students to bridge the digital divide. Next generation network technology is creating a Wi-Fi education only canopy using Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) to reach underserved students.  
Ajay Joshi, Deputy Chief Information Officer (DCIO), Enterprise Applications Division - City of Phoenix