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Demystifying How to Derive ROI with Conversational AI

November 02, 2022
  • Hear about the trends and challenges that are shaping the Conversational AI market
  • Learn about what pro/low/no-code really means and why it matters
  • Connect on how to achieve AI driven automation for your business

Come listen to Brian Yang, a product expert in the Conversational AI space, share his experiences and observations about the Conversational AI market based on his experiences as a buyer, startup provider, and large tech provider.  Conversational AI has seen many twists and turns through it’s slower than expected adoption due to the many learnings and challenges that have come up in deriving true business value.  The future will be all about providing proper tools that will enable the technology in practical ways within businesses as expert availability grows. 


Brian Yang, Senior Director of Product Strategy - Verint