Seminar Program


Panel Discussion - What's the Truth About Scaling Quantum Computing?

November 02, 2022
Quantum Computing Summit - Keynotes

Billions of dollars have been invested into quantum computing, but for all of the advancements made the central question of how to effectively scale quantum computing persists. This panel will tackle this question head on, considering a wide range of peripeties beyond just the technical requirements for scalability.

  • Understanding the problems associated with scaling technologies and how to overcome and avoid these
  • What does the adoption curve for quantum look like?
  • To what extent is quantum seen as an established industry within the wider technology sphere? And what steps should be taken to make this a reality?
  • Are we any closer to determining the best technology route to deliver scalable quantum compute?
  • Understanding the workforce, economic and societal dynamics that underpin the saleability of quantum
William Hurley (Whurley), Founder & CEO - Strangeworks

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