Seminar Program


Panel discussion – The C-suite perceptive: What’s the 5-year outlook for quantum?

November 02, 2022
Quantum Computing Summit - Keynotes

Join our esteemed panel to dive into some of the key topics sitting at the forefront of quantum leaders’ minds.

  • A quick glance back at the key takeaways from 2022
  • Peering into the quantum crystal ball: How great is the quantum opportunity and when can we realistically expect to see wide scale commercial solutions?
  • Scalability? Commercialisation? Quantum Winter? What potential threat to the advancement of quantum poses the greatest concern to our panellists?
  • Sourcing new quantum talent and shaping an exceptional company culture
  • Will competition or collaboration characterise the quantum ecosystem in the coming years?
  • How do our panellist’s plan to ensure that their companies stay ahead of the curve in the coming years?
Sam Lucero, Chief Analyst, Quantum Computing - Omdia

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