Seminar Program


Panel: The City of Tomorrow - Creating Smarter Cities with Innovative Tech

November 02, 2022
Smart Cities & Environments
  • Working with different entities within the public and private sector, collaborating with other cities in cohesion
  • Tracking funding and policies for cities for IoT initiatives and projects
  • Building Smart Cities by Connecting System Infrastructure and Data
  • Understanding how Heat impacts our Community: A unique collaboration among community members, researchers, and City practitioners to better understand heat in Austin and how it impacts our community
  • Mapping Air Quality: Working with interdisciplinary researchers and City practitioners- the journey to map and measure air quality in Austin
Bill Pugh, Co-Founder & Managing Partner - Smart Connections
Jessica Jones, Research Associate, Office of Sustainability - City of Austin
Al Brown, CTO - Veritone
Sam Adams, Director of Stategic Innovations (Former Mayor) - City of Portland

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