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Solving real-world problems with streaming data: How to move IoT, sensor, and any other data across your business to drive faster ROI

November 02, 2022
Edge & Cloud

One of the biggest challenges with massive amounts of data — whether real time from IoT implementations such as driverless cars and manufacturing sensors or more conventional data such as customer profiles and sales numbers — has been how to get data to the right analytic teams and tools to best serve your business quickly. What modern businesses need is a universal data distribution service that enables simple, code-free movement of any data from one system to another securely and effectively. In this session we will explore how Cloudera DataFlow enables:

  • No-code data movement from any source to any destination, across any hybrid or multi-cloud environment
  • Fast-tracking of complex data workflows from several sources in real time with integrated building and monitoring tools
  • A single data movement tool solution for all your systems anywhere across your business