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AI Applications for an Efficient and Resilient Path to Decarbonization of Commercial Vehicles

November 03, 2022
Industrial Enterprises

Transportation generates more than 30% of the GHG emissions in US. More than 20% of the transportation emissions are emitted by medium and heavy duty vehicles that are only 5% of the vehicles on the road due to heavy load shipments and high miles travelled per day operation. These vehicles are essential for the economy due to the large amount of freight shipments done by these vehicles. As a technology company, Cummins is committed to meeting the world’s sustainability challenges by delivering a broad portfolio of power solutions in the areas of alternative fuel, electrification, fuel cells, and advanced energy solutions. Advancements in connectivity and automation can drive efficiencies further and allow for smarter operations and reduced maintenance for customers and end-users. In this talk, the role of connectivity, automation and AI to enable resilient and efficient path to decarbonization of the commercial vehicles and freight operation is introduced.

Ali Borhan, Technical Manager – Connected and Intelligent Systems Research - Cummins Inc.