Austin skyline from Palmer Events Center




November 02, 2022

The promised land is knowing your customers so well, it is as if you are part of their family, knowing all the inside jokes and family memes.  It is having the customer consider your digital and physical presences their home, the place they spend time together to relax and the first place they come to satisfy their needs.  It is the place of comfort where everything is familiar and intuitive, and most of all, it is the place where they are known, accepted and feel seen, a place where their thoughts can be anticipated.  A membership based on trust.  Where is this land and how do I get there?  In Systems Engineering terms, we call this an integrated “sense and respond” system and it is located at the corner of Edge and Hybrid.  Located here are many services known as Edge Computing, ubiquitous computation & data; heterogenous IOT, omnipresent AI, agile security, hyper personalization, context computing, identity resolution, and hyper scale to name a few.  Citizenship requires that one knows the tools of disruption and are prepared to continuously disrupt themselves and others.  Do you want to go there?  Come to this discussion to learn about the journey and living life on the EDGE.