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The Human Side of Digital Transformation

November 03, 2022

The increased complexity and interconnectedness of the digital world brings massive amounts of

uncertainty to the business community. But the way we’ve traditionally managed companies is based on

the simpler, assembly-line constructs of the Industrial Age. But we’re not in the Industrial Age any



Company leadership and employees require a new mindset -- one that can match the speed and agility of

today’s economic activity, while solving real world problems that benefit us all. Brant’s talk charts a

path forward to creating RAD organizations: resilient to the endless disruptions, aware of changing

customer needs, and dynamically able to change course to create real value.


Based on his 5Es of the RAD mindset, empathy, exploration, evidence, equilibrium, and ethics,

attendees will receive inspiration and practical, actionable advice on how to kickstart and accelerate

meaningful change inside their organizations.

Brant Cooper, New York Times bestselling author - The Lean Entrepreneur