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Augmented-Reality Optical Narrowcasting (ARON)

November 02, 2022
Embedded IoT
  •  Novel many-to-many alternative communications optical channel for use with mobile devices such as smartphones and automobiles
  •  Optical spectrum free to use, energy-efficient, low power
  • Does not require geolocation
  • Secure, unregulated and uncensored
  • Supports Li-Fi applications

Key Take-Aways

Augmented-reality optical narrowcasting (ARON) is a pioneering communications technology that transmits information locally using beams of NIR light with tailored directionality. ARON offers a robust many-transmitters to many-receivers free-space optical communications channel for consumer use with mobile devices such as smartphones and vehicles, opening new vistas for commerce and social interaction. ARON is independent of existing cellular or internet networks but can interface readily with them. We have demonstrated key features of the technology using custom optical communications hardware and software developed especially for this purpose.