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A Case Study: The Journey to Implement Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Decisions for Retail Merchandise Planning

November 02, 2022
POC to Production

Daisy has implemented autonomous merchandise planning systems that deliver promotional item selection,  regular and promotional pricing , forecasting, ordering and inventory allocation and space planning using no-human in the loop autonomous artificial intelligence.  The biggest challenge in taking AI from concept into production is change management.  Implementing AI based automation will change business processes, job roles and technology systems that have been used for years and decades by existing merchants. Through Daisy’s experiences we have learned a 4-stage best practices journey to build trust with retail merchants and move from current practices to fully automated planning or wherever in the journey a retailer may choose to be.  This talk will present the 4-stage journey by walking through a case study from early proof of concept to full production system in multiple countries with Daisy’s client MAF Carrefour.

Gary Saarenvirta, Founder CEO and Chief Scientist - Daisy Intelligence

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