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Enabling a Scalable, Future-Proof AI Ecosystem Across the Hybrid Cloud Enterprise

November 02, 2022
POC to Production

AI is rapidly transforming enterprises but enabling data science teams to develop and embed AI solutions across an organization has never been harder. Enterprises need to support an ever-growing number of data scientists and ML engineers using a rapidly expanding ecosystem of tools, with ever-growing data and infrastructure requirements, while also accelerating time to value, improved governance and greater productivity. As enterprises mature, they also need to support all of this across multiple cloud and on-premises environments. In this session with former industry analyst Dr. Kjell Carlsson we’ll discuss how you can enable an ever-growing ecosystem of AI technologies, provide scalable infrastructure, and accelerate operationalization while simultaneously providing the governance the organization requires across hybrid, multi-cloud and on-premises.

Kjell Carlsson, Head of Data Science Strategy and Evangelism - Domino Data Lab