Gain the Quantum Advantage

It’s time to define the quantum computing strategy for your business.

Whether you’re new to quantum computing or already exploring potential applications, the Quantum Computing Summit is your opportunity to discover its potential, gain a practical understanding, and get familiar with a technology that’s bound to transform business as we know it.

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It’s time to define the quantum computing strategy for your business.
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Dive into today’s and tomorrow’s quantum use cases and hear directly from the enterprises getting ‘quantum-ready’.


If you’re not ahead, you fall behind. Determine if quantum computing can help your business and organization, what a reasonable timeframe looks like, and how to avoid the common stumbling to leverage early quantum innovation.


National Quantum Coordination Office to give an update on the progress of the National Quantum Initiative, including the federal vision for getting businesses quantum ready for the rise of this transformative emerging technology.


Leverage the knowledge of brands who’ve started their quantum computing roadmap to understand how you could provide your business with new revenue opportunities and optimize workflows.


Meet with the experts, get insight into the world of quantum from our guest speakers and discover how you can apply this emerging technology in your business.
Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn

Led by Omdia’s Chief Analyst, Sam Lucero, this interactive session will offer you the opportunity to really progress the conversation beyond a high-level overview.

Innovation of the Year

Innovation of the Year

Celebrate success stories and discover the people and companies developing the quantum software of the future.
Celebrate Quantum Computing

Celebrate Quantum Computing

After a busy day networking, connecting, and, learning, why not join us for a drink and let your hair down with the crème de la crème of the quantum computing community.
  • Quantum Computing Speakers
    Get insight into the world of quantum from our guest speakers, who will explain how they’re trialling this emerging technology to transform their business practices.
  • Founder & CEO, Strangeworks
  • Deputy Director, Information Directorate, US Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Principal, Digital Science & Engineering, BP
  • Product – Supply Chain Digital & Analytics, Johnson & Johnson
  • Founder and Chair, Quantum Strategy Institute
How does quantum computing fit into the wider event?

How does quantum computing fit into the wider event?

Applied Intelligence Live!, previously The AI Summit & IoT World Austin, is a well-established event, consistently bringing together enterprise and emerging technology experts.

Quantum computing opens the door for this audience to begin solving very large and complex computational problems that are basically impossible to solve on traditional computers.

Quantum computers have the potential to provide computational power and thus enable AI and IoT to reach their full potential.

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