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Immerse yourself, connect globally, and make what matters, happen.

The Expo Pass is your opportunity to dive into the world of emerging tech and visit the Headliners stage for only $49 ($99 on the door).

A celebration of emerging technology taking place at Palmer Event Center, you’ll be able to take ideas from the rockstars of IoT and the experts in applied AI.

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What's included in the Expo Pass?

Be a part of the minds driving change in AI & IoT today with a range of stages and locations available to you.

Headliner Stages

Headliner stage

Come and listen to the heavyweights in AI and IoT and learn from senior business leaders sharing their perspectives on how emerging tech applications are changing the business landscape.

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The Expo

expo and networking

From futuristic concepts to avant-garde prototypes, this is your chance to test out the possibilities that come with the cutting edge of AI and IoT. For those looking to get hands-on, make sure to check out the demo agenda.

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Birds of a feather

Birds of a feather

Innovation deserves a celebration! Raise a glass with fellow attendees during the Birds of a Feather Happy Hour to toast the incredible strides made in AI and IoT. Revel in the collective spirit of innovation and build meaningful connections in a relaxed atmosphere.

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AI Accelerator Hub

AI Accelerator Hub

A two-day Shark Tank-style experience that provides an opportunity to really grill 30 up-and-coming vendors, ensuring that their AI and machine learning solutions go beyond the hype to provide true value.

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Digital Twins Testbeds

Digital Twins Testbeds

Curated by OMG®, the IT standards development organization these testbeds are a unique opportunity to try out technologies that show the real-world opportunities of digital twins.

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  • "This conference really belongs in this city. A city and economy that has been fueled on new advances"
    Steve Adler
    Mayor, City of Austin
  • "Excellent event to keep up with the emerging technologies, industries, trends, and learn about the used cases from various sectors"
    Yatin Patel
    IT Sr. Manager, PepsiCo Inc
  • “Many thanks for a brilliant conference and networking platform, it was a joy to attend"
    Tania Rebuzzi
    Director, Head Front Support, Credit Suisse
  • “There’s a lot of very, very big names here”
    Jimmi Jakobsen
    CEO, Carbon & Fitch
  • "IoT continues to hold great potential for the enablement of business transformation at scale across all industries and vertical market applications. But collaboration across multiple vendors will be required to realize this full potential. IoT World & The AI summit 2022 Austin will be a great venue to discover how to achieve successful implementations for your customers or your organization”
    Lou Lutostansk
    Vice President, Internet of Things, Avnet

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