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The Applied Intelligence Awards - Technology Leader of the Year Shortlist

The Technology Leader of the Year is someone who can showcase outstanding success in the field of AI, IoT, or Quantum Computing by demonstrating innovation and leadership.

This globally recognized award has seen entries from the likes of AWS, CognitiveScale, Qualcomm Technologies and more, and competition is sure to be strong this year as AI, IoT and quantum computing use cases continue to skyrocket, and pioneers of the space continue to innovate and improve AI processes across the globe. 

And now it's time to vote for your winners! 

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Shobhit VarshneyShobhit Varshney, VP & Sr. Partner, Americas, IBM

Shobhit Varshney is a Senior Partner & VP in IBM Consulting, leading the AI, Generative AI and IoT Edge business across US, Canada and Latin America. Mr. Varshney is an established thought leader, speaker, and author in the field of Applied Intelligence & IoT and has won multiple awards. 

Under his leadership, IBM’s AI IoT practice has more than doubled and is recognized as a leader across IDC, Forrester and HfS. He has helped grow one of the most diverse and inclusive AI teams in the industry and has made significant contributions in the field of Ethical AI. To help enterprises accelerate their competitive advantage with trustworthy Generative AI, he established and co-leads IBM’s Generative AI Center of excellence of 1,000+ SMEs.

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Alex ChallansAlex Challans CEO, Resonance 

Resonance is one of the leading providers of market intelligence and media across the deep tech industry. The business owns and manages The Quantum Insider, AI Insider, Metaverse Insider and Space Impulse. They cater to a suite of blue-chip clients, including national governments, tech giants and international investors.

Alex has led the team in its advanced integration of the latest AI technology to accelerate data gathering, structuring and presentation of market intelligence. Resonance is backed by a coterie of top-tier global investors and is on a mission to build the tech intelligence engine of the future. By facilitating informed decision-making and fostering collaboration, Resonance is driving progress and shaping the future of technology across the globe.

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Eugenio ZuccarelliEugenio Zuccarelli, Data Science Manager, CVS Health

Eugenio is an AI Leader working at CVS Health, a Fortune 500 company and the #1 healthcare company in the world. He is a Forbes 30 Under 30, TEDx Speaker, WEF Global Shaper, a Fulbright Scholarship recipient and studied across MIT, Harvard, and Imperial College.

Eugenio’s analyses helped develop policy recommendations for The White House, CEOs and leading research institutions to take action in key situations, such as the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Eugenio is the recipient of 15+ honors and awards, including the John McCarthy Award for contributions to AI, Nova Talent of the Year, and ​​the ISPI / BCG Future Leaders Award.

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Mike Pappas Mike Pappas, CEO & Co-Founder, Modulate 

As CEO and Co-Founder, Mike Pappas has grown Modulate from 2 employees to almost 40 in under three years. Mike was instrumental in conceptualizing and developing ToxMod, Modulate’s purpose-built AI-enhanced platform that proactively detects and flags toxic behavior in video game voice chats, and has helped shepherd a key partnership with the Anti-Defamation League to uncover the prevalence and impacts of toxicity in games.

Mike’s thoughtful and strategic approach to leadership is reflected in Modulate’s commitment to transparency, individual growth, and team member autonomy. Modulate’s company culture is a direct result of Mike’s ethos and passion for building a collaborative and efficient team whose operating principles are rooted in empathy and a desire to learn.

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Following some brilliant nominations, the time has finally come to select your Technology Leader of the Year. Recognize the success of your peers and celebrate the wins of your colleagues by voting for your winner today. 

Here's a quick reminder of the shortlist:

  • Alex Challans, CEO, Resonance
  • Eugenio Zuccarelli, Data Science Manager, CVS Health
  • Mike Pappas, CEO & Co-Founder, Modulate
  • Shobhit Varshney, VP & Sr. Partner, Americas, IBM

Voting is now open until 19 September and the winner will be revealed at Applied Intelligence Live! Austin.

Please note that voting multiple times will not increase the chance of success. 


Dev Singh

Dev Singh
Senior Director, Business Development and Head of Autonomous Robotics, Drones and Intelligent Machines, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Dev Singh is responsible for leading and managing the robotics and intelligent machines within Qualcomm Technologies’ IoT business unit.

As robotics, drone, and intelligent machine lead, Dev has overseen countless launches of world-changing, next-generation technology, including the Qualcomm Flight Platform, which powered the Mars Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter on the first-ever Mars flight.

While the platform was not originally developed for space travel, it had the high power and unique features that NASA/JPL required, including powerful autonomous operation features, making it the best choice to tackle challenges of this historic flight. 

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