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AI / IoT Application of the Year Shortlist

The AI/IoT Application of the Year will be an outstanding project which has fuelled business growth and change.

Preference will be given to projects that demonstrate the combined powers of the two technologies as they merge, but we’re also interested to hear about standalone technology applications too!

And now it's time to vote for your winners! 

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Hawktivity's Customer Service Sensors use Computer Vision and AI to turn regular CCTV cameras into IoT sensors that detect human actions. The Customer Service Sensor, used in restaurants, times how long customers queue and how long they wait to be served, in real time.


These are the 2 most important customer service metrics.  The sensors allow the store to measure their customer service and always improve, directly leading to an increase in sales and customer loyalty.

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Steve AISteve AI

Steve AI, with its patented AI text-to-video (Animation and Live-action) technology, eliminates the need for extensive manual editing so content creators can now focus on their core ideas and storytelling, while Steve AI handles the rest, transforming words into visually captivating stories.

What sets Steve AI apart is its ability to deliver outstanding results for real-world scenarios. Whether it's for marketing campaigns, educational content, or social media promotions, Steve AI offers a versatile range of options democratizing video creation and making it accessible to individuals and businesses of all sizes. With a top-notch research team and innovative product roadmap, Steve AI has bagged several awards and recognitions while reducing the time taken to create videos to just minutes without breaking the bank.

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Lightelligence, an MIT spinout, is developing next-generation compute hardware, making novel use of the silicon fabrication platform used for traditional semiconductor chips. Rather than building chips that use electricity to carry out computations, Lightelligence develops components powered by light that are low energy and fast, offering improvement in high speed, low latency and low power consumption.

Our products and solutions are based on silicon photonics technology that enables faster and more energy efficient computing than traditional semiconductor architectures. By harnessing fundamental properties of light to accelerate computing, systems can be made that overcome the limitations of Moore’s Law for continued performance scaling for decades to come.

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SkyHive SkyHive

SkyHive's generative AI crafts ultra-relevant and contextual career paths for individuals and companies, allowing for more effective career planning and talent management strategies. It helps individuals and organizations identify the skills they need to succeed, and develop a plan to achieve their career goals.

Organizations are moving to a skills-based approach to managing the entire employee lifecycle, making hiring and talent management more reliant on skills and less reliant on credentials, pedigree, or people’s networks. Generative AI provides the foundation for this skills-based approach, allowing organizations to remove bias and develop a talent architecture, make compensation plans, and provide internal mobility to employees based on the changing skills needs of the real-time labor market.

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Following some brilliant nominations, the time has finally come to select your AI / IoT Application of the Year. Recognize the success of your peers and celebrate the wins of your colleagues by voting for your winner today. 

Here's a quick reminder of the shortlist:

  • SkyHive
  • Lightelligence 
  • Steve AI 
  • Hawktivity 

Voting is now open until 19 September and the winner will be revealed at Applied Intelligence Live! Austin.

Please note that voting multiple times will not increase the chance of success. 


Dev Singh

Connected Operations Cloud for Drivers

Distracted driving kills thousands of people in the U.S. annually. Through the use of IoT sensors, AI-enabled cameras, and a cloud platform, Samsara helps organizations prevent these incidents at scale.

AI detections for behaviors such as phone usage, tailgating, and distracted driving trigger in-cab alerts to correct and coach driver behavior in real time, helping to prevent incidents before they occur.

In a recent customer analysis, users of Samsara video-based safety and telematics solutions together saw a 63% decrease in crashes within the first 12 months.

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