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An In-depth Assessment into the Ethical Questions Necessary to Consider When Developing Large Language Models.

September 21, 2023
Applied Intelligence Applications
Computer Vision & NLP
' Evaluating how the training of LLMs may possibly perpetuate wage inequality and exploitation of workers. ' What's being done in the way of ethics and bias when training and producing the outputs on LLMs? Can we trust them? What sort of restrictions are being put in place? Can we put some training in place where we don't have to worry about the type of data being used? ' Assessing the difficulties in controlling the text generated by LLMs and the lack of diversity in the training data, when it comes to race, gender, and languages. How do you deal with the issues already present in the systems? ' Analysing the possible solutions in using of human labour to produce the datasets needed to run Large Language Models. ' Examining the possibilities of using smaller highly curated data sets and making many mini systems tailored to specific contexts and geographies to minimise bias towards a single culture, as opposed to developing one monolithic AI system. ' Exploring the effects engineers and scientists working alongside philosophers and social scientists could possibly have on reducing bias produced in the training of LLMS ' When people use AI open source and do negative things with it how do you regulate these things?
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