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Are We Closing the Door On Openness & Sharing? - Evaluating the Possible Changes In the AI Landscape.

September 21, 2023
Applied Intelligence Applications
Computer Vision & NLP

Exploring how the AI landscape got to where we are, and where it's going and assessing the contribution of openness to this phenomenal.  Think Tanks such as Google DeepMind, Meta Labs, Hugging Face used to openly share their data online and played a huge role in progressing us to where we are today whilst monetizing. We will be examining how monetisation has been working with models like Databricks models.

Could we be witnessing the slow closing of shared research? Many have begun to close shared search research due to monetisation- although open shared data amongst enterprises is what led to the catalyst in speeding up the introduction of AI. We will speculate on the possible effects, the downward trend of openness and the impact sharing could have on the speed and growth of the AI landscape and where its headed. Who will be the first to make a large language model that will disclose where they gather their data?

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