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AI in the Boardroom Role Play

September 21, 2026
The AI in the Boardroom Role Play is a simulated exercise designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of how AI can be integrated into board-level decision making. It involves a series of scenarios where participants take on various roles in a hypothetical company, including executives, managers, and stakeholders. During the role play, participants will explore how AI can be used to enhance business outcomes and inform strategic decision making. They will exam the ethical, legal, and practical consideration associated with using AI, and evaluate various AI solutions to determine their potential impact on the company's operations. The role play is structured to simulate a real-life boardroom meeting. Throughout the simulation, participants will be required to make recommendations for how AI can be integrated into the company's strategic plans, and engage in lively discussions and debates around the potential benefits and risks of AI. Let's put ourselves in the shoes of the board members and explore how AI can influence decision-making!
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