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AI Bill of Rights: Governance and Ethics

September 20, 2023
Emerging AI
While AI is still seen as futuristic phenomenon, we as a nation have made great progress in the discovery of technology. Through that progress, we now need to address the topic of endangerment. We typically wait for precautionary management to arise from an incident unfolding. We do this for automobiles, medicine, finance, and more so, what makes AI different? Is The Privacy Act of 1974 being overlooked from AI's hunger for large data? How are these technologies being designed to validate trustworthy, reliable, safe, and fair systems through human interaction? What are the next steps for the AI Bill of Rights and why are these measurements not being decreed?
Thomas Freeman, Business Law Professor / Technological Ethics & Responsible AI Consultant - Fiedler Law Firm PLC
Ann Dunkin, Chief Information Officer - U.S. Department of Engery
William Barry Ph.D, Emerging Technologies and Cybersecurity SME, Army - United States Department of Defense
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